Monday, 11 August 2008

Project 20x20

I am participating in an exhibition at Gallery Art Expo in November, where a lot of artists will each contribute up to ten works of size 20x20 cm.
Now, i don't have the paintings yet, and 20x20 is significantly smaller than i'm used to working in, so i'm gonna draw a lot of candidate drawings for the exhibition and put them up here.
Perhaps you, dear readers, can help me decide which to send in.
Now, to get started:

The Age of Maize
pastels and ink on paper, 20x20 cm

1 comment:

Anders Søe Plougsgaard said...

Thats a rather good candidate. I like when you use the white pastel in faces, it gives a sort of three-dimensional feeling. Gives the head som 'body', even some 'flesh', though it be white, pale flesh. The eyes of your heads are often empty and strange, is that intentional?