Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Probably non-existing woman

As you may be aware, i almost always draw freehand without any model or sketching. Thus, any resemblance to persons living or dead is either coincidental or the fault of my unconscious. A3, pastels on paper.

Note: I am considering whether i should switch back to danish. Danish has the advantage that A) i'm better at it, and B) as far as i've considered such a thing as "core audience" for this blog, they are probably danish speakers. On the other hand, writing english would give me practice, which i discovered yesterday that i need.


theworldofm said...

I could be one of those that your sister mentioned.
Mixing Danish and English is a possibility, plus your English isnt at all bad.

Great art, I think, transcends all borders, including language.

You could let your art speak for themselves.

vwl said...

I dont know yet. I think i'll leave the blog template in english for now, at least. While art may transcend language, the danish words for "Older posts" don't.

Anyway, i'll be sure to include translations of any text in future drawings.

Nina said...

He (?) looks like Lion King :-)

vwl said...

Hey nina. I was kinda mystified by your comment at first, but after looking a while, i can kinda see what you mean.
I was trying to draw a woman, as far as i recall, but that doesn't necessarily mean thats what it ends up looking like